May 7, 2008

Howto get a embedded system job and what i want to do for that.

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I think recently I am getting more queries related this topic.
I would like to share my suggestions with all the freshers in embedded system. We have already discussed about it. But still the freshers are not getting any clear idea about, howto get a job in embedded system. Hope this thread will helpful for them to understand first, what the industries are expecting from them. I request you to post all your comments here, if you have any. Please also note that, the given points are only my personal suggestion; There is no intention to force you to take any decision based on my inputs.

Dont do/think

* Entry for freshers in embedded system is really easy…
* I will get a job immediately, coz I have an embedded system certification from the great -ABC- institution.
* I have fully fitted for embedded system field. Coz I have completed all the modules including, C,C++,Unix, Device drivers, Micro controllers and RTOS. Oh….I am great. What do you want more…. 😀
* If I cant get any job in this field, then I can just put an 1+ yr fake experience and apply for job. The recruiter will accept my CV. Then I will get a job easily. Oh…I am really so brilliant…. 😀
* If I add one or two projects [especially some rtos projects like vxworks ]in my resume then i can easily get an job.
* I have 80% marks in all the certificates. The interviewer will accept me for this embedded system field.
* I have done a embedded system project in a big MNC embedded systems company. So i am eligible for getting a job.

Then What I want to do/Think?

* Whatever it may be, You should learn from in-depth. For hardware engineers, learn from flipflop, micro processor….etc. For software engineers, learn from compilers, linkers, OS concepts….etc.
* Do some real time projects from what you have learnt. For example, you have 6 modules in a course, try to do minimum one project for each module by your own and the project should be related with industries use or from latest technologies.
* Try to utilize your lab facilities. Especially your lab hardwares. Hack it, whatever you want. Or how much you are ready to spend for fun. Try to buy one cheap embedded development board. You can surely learn a lot from it.
* Learn the Linux OS for embedded system. Coz it has good future in embedded system and in India. Moreover,  Linux is exactly suitable for embedded system field rather than the M$ windows. Another reason is, you can hack the linux from top to bottom. Bcoz its open source and no need to depending on any proprietary softwares. So that you can learn more and get more real time experience.
* Plan to buy a hardware board like ARM 7/9/11/Cortex (if you are planing to learn OS level embedded systems) or Microcontroller boards like Arduino. You can get the hardware from Rs.2000/- to Rs.10,000 based on the configuration. Using this boards, you can feel the real time experience for porting, cross compilation, linux, emb linux, rtlinux and other rtos. If you got will these experience, you can surely cross the technical interview.
* You should sharp your language skills like C,C++,Java….etc. Language is very important for s/w embedded system engineers.
* Try to contribute to some international forums, mailing lists and magazines like, So that you can update your knowledge in this field and really understand whats happening in the current embedded field on industries side.
* Try to contribute some embedded system open source projects already available in internet. Go through the site, and search for embedded system project. you will get thousands of project related embedded system. Definitely, you will get nice experience on this field. Beagleboard, Pandaboard, Arduino,.etc are some of the widely used embedded open source boards.

What are the available chances for getting a job in this field

(1) Select an embedded system company in your college placements. Avoid the s/w companies like CTS, Infosys…etc, if you have a confident to get a job in embedded field/company.
(2) If you dont have the placements, send your resumes for selected embedded system companies, even you are an fresher. Insist your full of interest in embedded system along with an covering letter. DO NOT SEND YOUR CV AS AN JUNG/SPAM OR “CC” TO ALL THE COMPANIES. ITS AN BAD ATTITUDE.
(3) After 6 months you got finished your degree, you may join with some embedded system course. During this 6 months, you can try for freshers job. You may get some placements through your training institute. But this is not guarantee. Its depends the institution and your capability. Howevr, the course is not necessary for embedded system, if you have capable to learn by your own with full of self confident. My personal opinion is, I wont suggest you to do a course. Coz, in India most of the institutions are not teaching good in embedded systems. They are only targeting on you money. Or cross check the institutions capability and their facilities before you are going to join with them.
(4) If you have done some good projects followed by the “what to do” steps, you have more chance to get a job in this field.
(5) If your intention is only for getting a job in this field, then dont look big MNC companies & big salary. You have lots of small embedded companies are there. For entry level, small companies are best to learn a lot in this field rather than the big companes. so your first preference should be small/startup companies.
(6) Suppose you cant get a job in this field after one year, now you can put 1+ yr fake experience with reasonable projects. I did not suggest this idea in previous topic. But here I am suggesting you; Bcoz some time it will work. But its not guarantee and more risky. At the same time, you should have all capability to manage the technical stuffs equivalent to 1+ yr experience person. Interviewer can easily identify you; But he/she may prefer you, due to some reasons. First one is, you have the capability to manage the technical stuff without exp. Second, they are forced to recruit a person for emergency and ready to give an chance for you. Better, go to or; search an embedded systems project which is suitable for you; If possible participate in that project, voluntarily. Or atleast download the source code; learn everything first and then put this project in your CV.
(7) Last but not least, keep on trying ,even you failed in many interviews.

I wish you all the best for your best career in Embedded Systems…. 🙂



  1. prashant said,

    hi dear
    your idea is really helpful for fresher.i am doing Embedded system course from CDAC chennai..please give me some more idea about embedded company.i dont want to go in software company..i got job in software but i quit for can i got the job..please give me some more advice more..
    with warm regard
    prashant singh

  2. ranganadh said,

    i want to a project on embeddedsystems.initially what can i do,
    can anyone wat is d plan to do a project.wat r d paperwork in a project.

  3. asprakash said,

    Hello Prashant…:)
    I really appreciate your confidence and interest in Embedded system. The current trend in Industries is, not only in the emb sys, in all the fields, the companies are really looking the stuff people. Especially in emb sys, their expectation is high compare with other fields. You have to strong in C language atleast and strong in OS concepts, RTOS concepts, Linux knowledge adds adv. Their expectation various based upon the requirement. For example, if they are looking for Mobile application, then they are expecting any one of mobile OS, Java/J2EE knowledge, OOPs concepts,…it goes like that. This is the situation in S/W Emb sys.
    If you are interested in H/W Embedded system, then you have to learn 8/16/32 bit micro controllers, Motorola, ARM,… Arch. 8051 is not enough. And you should have strong knowledge in Assembly language and have knowledge in Firmwares.
    So select which one you want; Learn from in-depth. As i already told, do some real time projects for getting experience.
    Wish you all the best.


  4. asprakash said,

    First defined ur self, what is mean by embedded system. Then select which area you want to work. Coz, emb sys is an wider area. Simply, “doing a project in emb sys” is not meaning full. Search some project in open source portal like related to ur interested topic. Then participate in that project.


  5. Rajesh Pal said,

    Hi Prakash A.S.,

    Thanks a lot for such usefull information.

    As I am Msc wih Physics (EXTC) and 2 yrs of experirncr in Marine Domain (worked on Elecetronic Warfare and Radars).

    Can you please suggest me the embeded module which leads to my past experience.

    Rajesh Pal

    • asprakash said,

      Hello Rajesh,
      Ur info is not clear weather u have development experience on those applications or just used those embedded devices?.
      If u have development exp in those applications, then you can try for embedded firmware development.


  6. Rajesh Pal said,

    Hi asprakash,

    As I hv domain knowledge of installtion of Electronic warefare and Radars.
    Can u plz provide me ur email address so that u just see my CV.
    And also tell me more about VX-Works,as BEL company were using this word frequently.

    Rajesh Pal

    • asprakash said,

      So u r just using a embedded device for you application. This is not enough to get into embedded field. Find out the relevant development works related to these applications; Learn it and then try.
      Vxworks is nothing but a RTOS (Real Time Operating System) which is used to develop applications for real time systems. It is also a part of software embedded systems.
      My mail id : asprakash_83_AT_gmail_DOT_com

  7. latha bonam said,

    i want to get job in embedded systems in s/w field. Here is a E/S company. i have good logical thinking and good knowledge in c, c++. That company products are “Micro Processor Based Data Logger , Point Machine Health Monitoring Unit Automatic Train Charting Software , Relay terlocking Supervisory System , Train Monitoring System ,
    GPS-Based Station Arrival Indication System , Digital Clocks with GPS Synchronization , Led Signal Lamps , Integrated Passenger Information System (IPIS) , Battery Monitoring Unit , Solid State Block Proving By Axle Counter”

    what type of questions asked in interview and what knowledge i should have.

    • asprakash said,

      Hello Latha,
      Really appreciate your keen interest in embedded systems field. Well, all the products you mentioned are related to hardware embedded systems and hardware designs. Most probably they are used Microcontrollers it seems. So definitely they will expect any one of Micro controllers knowledge, Circuit designs, Embedded C and Assembly programming language knowledge from you. However, my above suggestions may not suitable for all the situations. Coz interview is nothing but, the interviewer will ask most probably from what the candidate mentioned in his/her CV. This is the most case in freshers recruitment. For example, if you have mentioned only about HTML language in your skillset, then there is no point in asking from Embedded C or Python language. Either they will simply ask few questions for eyewash or they will not shortlist this cv for interview. I hope you got the clear picture now.

  8. Farheen said,

    It was a wonderful info ! especially the Dont do/ think section… U have done a nice is very helpful for a fresher….This seems to be your personal experience which can not be found in any source…Thanq once again..

    • asprakash said,

      Yeah…many of the things are my experience and I got few from my friends circle. When I did my Embedded system course in Bangalore, morning we will attend a interview; evening we will attend the course and meet in one Tea shop. We will discuss about our interview experience and share our exp to each others. However, those period we failed almost all the interviews. But finally we listed out what we can & what wont do and proceed according to that. Even we put 1+ fake, finally got it. Before that we took some projects from sourceforge; studied every thing and implemented those projects by own. So we learnt everything and got the confident to face the interview later.

  9. subu said,

    im doin BE(ECE) 3rd yr,will it be good to join embedded training now,im very much intrested in this field

    • asprakash said,

      Doing a course is totally depends on the Institutions, their quality of teaching and the content. I suggest you to collect the full details of Embedded systems categories. As I told, there are many areas are available in Embedded systems. For example, Micro controllers, RTOS, Embedded Linux, .etc. Then only you could consider about the course.

  10. MANAS MARWAH said,

    hello sir,
    i am a student of 3rd yr (ece)..i wants to go in embedded h/w field..i asked the same ques before (in 2 yr)..u told me to get sharpen my c/c++ nd basic electronics..i think now i moved a bit forward nw in 5 sem i have sub like signal sytem,analog comm.,microwave engg.,linear integrated circuit..etc …microprocessors is yet to come in 6 sem…please tell me from now onwards which sub. i should take more that i will not face any prob in future regarding basics..nd one thing more u specify many fields related to embedded h/w..i don’t think that this all will cover in only. for doing or having proper knowledge regarding h/w embedded should i preffer any post graduate diploma from inst. like c-dac or any other…m preparing for gate too if nt get chance in gate then above idea is suitable or not???

    • asprakash said,

      Hope you are fine and doing well. I suggest you to concentrate on Microprocessor subject. Or you are highly interested to move further from now itself, then start from 8051 microcontrollers. I hope you’r college having the book Microcontrollers from the author, Mohamad Ali Mazadi. However, you should learn Microprocessors. So that it will be more useful for you in future.

  11. Radhika said,

    i hv completed msc. in phy with app.electronics.and also done the embedded course from oasis tech. I m interested 2 work in embedded bt i m fresher in that field. i hv work experiance in teaching field bt nt in embedded that is in phy and electronics. i hv strong knw of c,c++.os and also linux. so will u plz giv me any suggetion……

    • asprakash said,

      I dont thing your degree is the problem. Coz now a days, even Food/Leather/Mechanical/ technology people are now working in Software industries. One of my friend also finished his Msc in Physics and he is now an active ethical hacker in Linux kernel and also working in a leading company’s R&D team. Since you are strong in languages, Embedded systems & Linux, you can easily prove yourself. However, its also true that, some time companies are only preferred IT, ECE disciplines. But once you start keep on searching jobs with confident, you can get a job soon. Myself, working in Linux & Embedded field, send your cv to my mail ID. I will let you know, if I come to know about the openings. Wish you all the best!

  12. Aditya Gupta said,

    Hi Prakash,

    Nice to see such a helping blog.
    I am working in embedded field from last one year and
    i with my team developed some projects around AVR and 8051.
    i am ok in embedded c language. Now I want to learn RTOS. Please
    suggest me the basic material so that i can start it. I dont have much
    knowledge of OS so please suggest from basic to mid level including
    the source of these software.

    Thanks in advance

    Aditya Gupta

    • asprakash said,

      Dear Aditya,
      Thank for visiting my blog. Nice to hear from you that, you have good exposure in Microcontrollers level. is my portal for embedded systems & Linux learners and beginners. Please refer and for your queries. The first LINK will provide the enough resources for you. I hope it will help you for your query. KEEP IN TOUCH. All the best!


      • Aditya Gupta said,

        Dear Prakash,

        Thanks a lot for your help. I will follow
        these links and will ask for if struck somewhere.

        Thanks again


  13. siva vibu kannan said,

    Dear Prakash,
    I finished my BE(EEE) in 2009.I want to be an embedded professional. I went to an institution in chennai the courses offered by them are
    89S8252 Microcontroller and its peripherals
    TI MSP430 Microcontroller and its peripherals
    ARM7TDMI Microcontroller and its peripherals
    16F877A – PIC Microcontroller and its peripherals
    RTOS for Embedded Systems

    I dont know what to study. Can u please guide me. I am good in C,C++ programming. Tel me what i have to do to be sharpen my skills to become an embedded professional.

    • asprakash said,

      Hello Siva. Thank you for visiting my blog. Before you select a course its very important to know whether you like to do this course for learning or job search or placement. If it is for job search, then learn ARM9 or higher and a RTOS course. If it is possible, think about Mobile platform also. Check this, Coz there is no competition in Andoid platform compare with MCs and RTOS. According to me none of insti is good in placements, chennai. However its your wish to elect a suitable course for you. All the best!

      • siva vibu kannan said,

        thanks prakash. what i need to learn linux on my pc

  14. siva vibu kannan said,

    wat program should i have to run/ practice linux/ unix programming in my pc
    mine is windows xp sp2 plz suggest one

    • asprakash said,

      Very simple. Just remove your M$ Windows and Install any one of Linux OS. This is the only way you can learn platform. And one more thing. You have to believe that you can do all your normal jobs in Linux OS, what you have done so far in Windows OS..


  15. vishwajit said,

    Prakash ….
    thanks for such a beautifull blog.I am electronic engg (2008).I worked in telecom industry for one year .After this one year i have joined embedded course but i dont have guidance from anybody .My engineering project was also microcontroller based .Your blogs helped me in choosing me right career for me..thanks

    • asprakash said,

      Hello Vishwajit. Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy to heard that my blog guided for your achievement. Wish you all the best.
      Keep in touch.

  16. vinay said,

    Dear sir

    as i read ur suggestions to freshrs , i realy appreciate your guidence.
    I am a engineer(2+exp) working on embedded system still in a small company , done projects on 8051 micro controller (4 to 5). still i m not getting any good job. so please give me any idea what to do to get good job. In our company still the projects are developing on 8031 controller.
    so please help me.

  17. MANAS MARWAH said,

    hello sir,
    getting guidance from our previous chat,i’ve just started reffering “Mohamad Ali Mazadi” for 8051 microcontroller &
    “gaonkar” for microprocessors. Apart from this i’ve also started boosting my concepts in digital electronics n basic electronics(EDC).
    Now, at this point of time i stuck with some sort of queries again —
    I’ve to face training session of 2 months in my next semister,so what should i do in this period?
    whether a course related to embedded h/w (any type of microcontroller) or do my training in any industry??
    * if I do my training in industry what they gonna teach me or what will i do in industry if i do’nt have any knowledge about the tech.(microcontroller ) they using as i am a beginner??

    i’ve gone through your blog and really appreciate your impressive way to sort out embedded related query…

  18. Nachiyappan said,

    Hi Mr.prakash

    Hw r u?i finished BE(ECE) 2009 pass i m working in hardware and networking service company.i would like to join embedded field.i was done some courses also like embedded system(short term course)PCB design,diploma in hardware services and pls tell me what should i do to get embedded hardware engineer.what r the things should i knw to get a job in this field

  19. Nachiyappan said,

    Hi Mr.prakash

    Hw r u?i finished BE(ECE) 2009 pass i m working in hardware and networking service company.i would like to join embedded field.i was done some courses also like embedded system(short term course)PCB design,diploma in hardware services and pls tell me what should i do to get embedded hardware engineer.what r the things should i knw to get a job in this field

    • asprakash said,

      Hi. I am fine here. Usually for hardware embedded, the focusing areas are MCs, firmwares, device drivers, middlewares,.etc. Based on your interest, You can learn opt any one. Select any one of relevant open source project; do some development work on top of that. so that you will get some real time exposure. Then try searching a job.
      All the best.

  20. Udaya Kumar said,

    Hi Prakash,

    How r u?
    I am Udaya Kumar B.E(ECE) 2009 passed out from chennai. I finished my Embedded system design 6 month course in Bangalore. In my instuite there is no placement. now im searching job in this field.

    with this course only i learned C, so im now intermediate only in C language. I wil improve it…

    i know 8051,PIC and ARM … i done project also in PIC and ARM only…

    The LInux and device driver module is not taken well in my instutite
    I want to know some basics in that… so how to start learning linux and device drivers… Bcoz lot of books im having which one is good to learn linux and device drivers programming….

    I learned RTOS also it was easy compare to linux… i have some knowledge in that because i done one assignment in that…

    Most of the companies expect experience in linux device drivers and RTOS.
    and also openings in embedded is very lessssss.

    what are the things i have to concentrate more…?

    I need ur guidance to get job in embedded field..

    please send if u have small embedded companies list ……. to my id

    Thank u…

  21. nikhil said,

    hello sir
    i am pursuing my m-tech(embedded systems) under jntu affiliation in hyderabad and i feel that our sylabus is not at all suitable for getting a job in embedded field so i request u to sujjest me some concepts which i should be perfect to get a nice job in the embeddeed field and i mostly interst in s/w embedded field

    • asprakash said,

      Thank you visiting my blog. Now we are planing to conduct diploma course on “Advanced Embedded systems” from May 1st week. The course duration is 3 months and the course modules are Linux system programming, Building Embedded systems and Developing Real Time applications. I am asking you to do the course. But the course content prepared as per the industries expectations and current on-demand cutting edge technologies like RTLInux, Android and Embedded Linux. If you are person capable to learn it by urself, please refer the course content and start learn it one by one. Or you may consider the course to join and learn. FYI, the course content, date of course commencement, course fee are not yet decided. I will let you know with the full details on Saturday.

  22. aswathy mohan said,

    am a final year engineering student(B.Tech CSE).bt nw i wish to do a good embedded system training on banglore or am a cse student,i am nt aware of embedded system plz reply in a beginner.which is the best institution or company for me to do the training..plz reply its details,fees etc….plz tell about the courses in embedded system…which will be more suited for me….plz tell about the job opportunities also…will u be able to reply to my mail– am not a frequent visitor and i need a better advice urgently,
    thanku sir….

    • asprakash said,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Usually I wont suggest to do a course for beginners. But its totally depends on the self confidence and self learning. If you like to do a course, then you may consider our embedded systems course, All the best!.

  23. dipan modi said,

    hi i read your comment this is very useful for freshers.
    i am also fresher and doing course in embedded system.
    i am well in this field and with good knowledga but worry about the job because of my percentege which is less than 60%.
    have any company that recruite person without percentage criteria.
    what they require from candidates.

  24. sandeep said,

    hello sir,
    am a final year student in electronics i want to be an embedded engineer….
    how can i start up….
    i have little idea about these projects and technologies…
    i did my final year project in rfid based tech…..
    i want the details abt the diploma details in embedded….

    • asprakash said,

      Hi sandeep. Its nice to hear that you already have an idea about Embedded systems.
      As I mentioned Embedded is an wide. So you have select the proper sub domain and decide yourself that the course is mandatory for you.
      Reg the diploma course, one of our’s is purely based on Linux platform and the course will be started from first week of May.

  25. Great Post! People are increasingly turning to outsourced software product development in these times.

  26. Vinith said,

    Dear Prakash,

    This is Vinith. Your blog is awesome and helpful for graduates like me. I have strong interest in embedded systems and currently looking for some good institutes to complete a course in embedded systems. If you recommend any good institutes please let me know.


    • asprakash said,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Before you join with any of the course, you must consider the domain first. Domains may be like Micro controllers, Embedded Linux, RTOS, Networks, Wireless, Mobile,.etc. Coz all the above fields are embedded systems and its available from Micro controllers to latest Nano technology. So think about it and then decide.
      All the best for your embedded career!


  27. Karthika said,

    Hai dear friend Prakash,

    Hope u r doing well.Prakash u have a beautiful Blog,I realy appreciate your guidence.

    I wiill tell u abt myself,

    I am Karthi,I have completed my Engineering from Bangalore (ECE) on 2007.

    After that I was searching of Embedded job in Bangalore ,But I didnt get any job then I did an Embedded course it took around 10 months to complete ,mean time I got in to a call center job and doing course.Because of the recession I didnt get any job in embedded domain after my course completion ,But I continued with call center job now I resigned and started studying embedded systems.My Interest in embedded systems is high.I am ready to work with out a salary in am embedded company .

    Now Prakash tell me wat do I do to get an embedded job in bangalore .There are my friends ready to get me fake exp certificates.Do u want me to put fake exp ?
    Can I have your guidance?
    Thank you

  28. shaik Moulali said,

    Dear sir,
    My name is moulali shaik ,I completed electronics in 2009 pass out,recently i heard embedded linux has good future,I have strong interest in embedded Linux and currently looking for some good institutes to complete a course in embedded Linux. If you recommend any good institutes please let me know,and also tell me what kind of jobs i will get if i join this course.

  29. Eswari said,

    Hi Prakash,

    My name is Eswari. Really your blog so much useful to graduates and experienced one like me. My educational profile excellent but i had working experience of 2.5 years in C and Assembly microcontroller based embedded systems. Actually i was involved not that much involved in Coding,mostly done the product testing and schematic implementation. Because of on maternity, iam resigned from company in 2009. At present, i am started searching a job. but all are asking do you have linux experience or microprocessor?… I am in confusion how to prepare for interview and how to change resume for getting interview calls. Is it right decision to learn linux or continue wht i was done in my previous company?

    Thank you,

    • asprakash said,

      Hi Eswari,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and really appreciate your interest in embedded systems. Since you are good knowledge in C language, no need to worry about the coding part. You will get the confident once you have done couple of mock applications. Well, Linux is one of the widely used platform in embedded systems, it will be useful for career growth. Also Linux is booming well in embedded domain. So the companies are expecting Linux knowledge now a days. Also note that it is not mean that only Linux used in embedded systems. There are many platforms already used in emb sys.

      Your decision to learning Linux is right, if you are interested in Linux platform. Your previous experience will definitely helpful for showing your experience. Now the thing is, learn the linux(if you are interested); Do couple of mock applications/projects on Linux based embedded systems and then search job. If possible send your updated profile to my mail ID.

      All the Best! Go ahead.


  30. Vinoth said,

    I really appreciate your suggestion for embedded freshers in your blog.I have completed B.Tech (EEE) and would like to pursue M.E in embedded systems.My question is do companies hire M.E freshers or i have to do 6 months embedded course from private firm to get job.

  31. hi asprakash
    yours article gives a strength to me ,
    i’m doing BE mechatronics final year .but i interest to go in embedded system companies..i have final year project ,so i want to do in embedded system fields..i already done mini project with pic microcontroller with help c….

  32. Ravi kumar said,

    hello sir ,
    I am passing out B.E this year . I have offers from MIndTree, aricent ,TCS .. all are giving me software engineer job since i am a fresher . but i want to get into embedded field . So i am thinking of doing embedded course in C-DAC .. and i even have oppurtunity to join a small company that works on embedded … so I am totally in confusion what to do …. can u please help me .
    thank you

    • asprakash said,

      Hi Ravi. My kind suggestion is dont lose the opportunities and create more complicity to go through. Moreover, all these three companies are having the embedded system business. So join with them; After couple of week, talk with your senior manager or HR Manager reg your wish. They will help you to switch over into another area. Or, they will get back to you once they raised such openings on embedded systems. In the mean time, sharp your skill set(languages, platforms) on embedded systems and be ready to prove yourself. My preference is Mindtree. Coz they have the strong embedded systems team and frequently raising the openings for freshers.

      All the best!

      • Ravi kumar said,

        Thank you very much prakash sir. Can u guide me how can i pick up the skills in embedded and which all languages and platforms I have to be knowing to get good job in embedded ?? and how can i do this without going to any courses because I have only 1 and half month in hand to join mindtree .
        thank you 🙂

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